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Current Projects 

Wareham Elementary School
Wareham, MA
Construction of a new 159,989 sq-ft elementary school, serving grades pre-k through 4th grade. The job sits on over 20 acres of land and the site will have multiple play areas for children of different ages, including two soccer fields and two kickball courts.
Project is scheduled for completion January 2022.


Westport Middle High School
Westport, MA

Construction of a new two-story 187,000 square-foot public middle-high school. The school serves grades 5-12  and will house approximately 600 students. The project includes demolition of an existing structure. The new building will have a number of typical classrooms, as well as, separate art rooms for the middle and high school students and will also be home to tennis courts.


Project is scheduled for completion in Fall 2021.


Mildred H. Aitken Elementary (Classroom Addition)
Seekonk, MA

Construction of a 14,000 sq-foot classroom addition to the existing Aitken Elementary School. The addition will be one story and create 10 new classrooms. 


Project is scheduled for completion Fall 2020.


Middleborough High School
Middleborough, MA

Construction of a new 165,600 sq-foot public high school. The building will consist of four wings, 2 three-story wings that will be dedicated to academics; one focusing on humanities the other on STEM programs. The other two wings will be dedicated to health and fitness, and to the performing arts. The health and fitness wing will be equipped with a gymnasium, as well as weight and fitness rooms; while the performing arts wing will house the auditorium and a television production studio.


Project is scheduled for completion  January 2021.


Conservatory Lab Charter School
Dorchester, MA

Construction of a 43,500 square-foot school building that serves grades 3-8. The building will be three-stories tall and house around 275 students. 

Project is scheduled to be completed late summer/early fall 2020.


John J. Moran Medium Security Facility
Cranston, RI
Addition & Renovation to the John J. Moran Medium Security Facility located in Cranston, RI. Renovations include an enlarged dining room, a new independent storage mezzanine, and various room and structure renovations.

Project is scheduled for completion Summer 2020.

Iron Horse Park Operations Center
Billerica, MA

Construction of a new two-story operations control center approx. 12,000 SF. The new building will consist of a full-story clerestory above the roof level, and a steel framed structure.



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