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2013 Projects

New Fairhaven Elementary School
Fairhaven, MA


Claiborne Pell Elementary School
Newport, RI


Monomoy Regional High School
Harwich, MA

Construction of the new 168,000 square foot Monomoy Regional HIgh School which will accommodate 700 students Grade 8-12.


Scope Highlights

  • Over 40 custom field fabricated curved suspended drywall clouds which are located in the Auditorium, Band & Chorus rooms, and installed utilizing Uni-strut and an aircraft cable support system.

  • Approximately 20,000 sf of water managed EIFS system, including the air barrier system and over 130 custom fabricated brackets.

  • Installation of doors & hardware.

  • LGMF roof mansards.

  • Very high impact (VHI) gypsum board through-out the project.

  • Spray-applied Level 5 finishing of gypsum board through-out the project.

  • MA CHPS project.

Franklin High School
Franklin, MA

The project includes construction of the new 306,543 square foot Franklin High School accommodating 1,650 students and 165 staff. Our scope on this project consisted of all exterior light gauge metal framing, exterior sheathing, blocking, interior insulation and install of HM frames.


Scope Highlights

  • Installation of exterior Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic (GFRP) cornices, banding , pilasters and paneling.
  • Direct applied finish system (DAFS) at the underside of all exterior ceilings
  • Prefabricated LGMF roof trusses.
  • Radius LGMF of Rotunda walls and prefabricated roof trusses.
  • Installation of metal decking at LGMF roof trusses.
  • Interior Sound Isolation ceilings
  • LEED project.
Edward W. Brooke II Charter School
Mattapan, MA

The project is a renovation  of and addition to an approximately 57,000 square foot building.


Scope Highlights

  • Exterior and interior T&G cedar ceilings.
  • Direct applied finish system (DAFS) at the new main entrance.
  • Extensive structural wood repairs of all floors, stairway and roof including steel angle, seismic restraints, LVL's, TGI joists, plywood subfloors and underlayment.
  • Over 250 Acoustic Wall Panels.
  • FRP panels.
  • Trex decking.
  • Custom-built exterior porch rails and trim.
  • LEED project.
Hydroid, Inc. Headquarters
Bourne, MA

The project is a new 2 story, approximately 40,000 square foot office building. The building is a steel structure with massive window openings. The job was a bit challenging from an engineering standpoint. Together with our engineers we have engineered and field fabricated some of the largest window openings in our 27 years of business. Some LGMF headers weigh in excess of 2,000 lbs. Due to limitations of LGMF, many of the connections were required to be welded. We successfully completed the exterior framing of the project safely and on schedule. This is a design built project and we have played an active role in working out a lot of the detailing alongside the GC and Architect.


Scope Highlights

  • Extensive exterior LGMF
  • Massive LGMF jambs, headers and suilts built in place
  • Welding of exterior LGMF
  • Exterior rainscreen system comprised of z-furring and mineral wool cavity insulation
  • FRP panels.
  • Installation of doors & hardware.
  • James Hardie fiber cement lap siding, vertical wall panels, trim, aluminum trim, flashings and sealants.
  • Installation of metal soffit panels.
MAARNG Natick Readiness Center
Natick, MA
Construction of a new Army National Guard Readiness Center in Natick, MA. The project will include offices, an assembly hall, military unit storage areas, and outdoor vehicle parking and storage. Our scope includes light guage metal framing, rough carpentry, sheathing, thermal insulation, fire resistive joint systems, door frame installation, and gypsum board. 
Central Maintenance Truck Wash Facility
Boston, MA

This project is a complete demo of the existing Public Works Storage Building and construction of a new 10,500 square foot vehicle wash building.


Scope Highlights

  • PVC fluted wall and ceiling panels at the automatic vehicle wash bay
  • FRP panels at the manual vehicle wash bay


Norton High School
Norton, MA
Renovation of an existing 120,000 S.F., 700 student, 9 thru 12 grade high school with the construction of a 32,000 S.F. addition on the eastern end of the existing facility, in Norton, MA. The project will include relocation of school functions in the existing building to improve functionality for the students and school staff. Work will include modifications to the existing building infrastructure, improving ADA accessibility, code compliance and energy efficiency. 


Market Basket - Shell
Waltham, MA

The project is a new Market Basket and attached Marshall's as well as two additional tenant spaces which is approximately 128,000 square feet. Our scope includes providing exterior metal stud framing, sheathing and rough carpentry to provide a complete shell.


Scope Highlights

  • Extensive LGMF parapet work.
  • Install of custom fabricated steel plates for exterior sunshades.
  • Low expansion spray foam insulation at LGMF parapet walls.
  • Direct applied finish system (DAFS) at the exterior loading dock.
MassDOT District 6 Headquarters
Boston, MA

The project is approximately 103,000 square foot interior fit-up of an existing 10-story building.


Scope Highlights

  • Installation of door & hardware package
  • Installation of interior aluminum window & door frames
  • Plaster repairs


St. Luke's Hospital - Family Centered Care Unit
New Bedford, MA

This project is a phased 50,000 square foot interior renovation of the third floor Maternity Ward at St. Luke's Hospital.


Scope Highlights

  • Installation of doors & hardware package
  • Low expansion spray foam insulation
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